Thursday, September 24, 2009


I hate to go to funeral. It’s an atmosphere that I try to avoid. But, somehow rather all of us have to undergo it. Some can accept it, and some may drown for awhile in it. The recent one had affected a lot. My friend’s dad passed away due to his sickness. I went for the funeral because I wanted to go. But when I reach there, it was so hard for me to digest the atmosphere. I couldn’t stand in the hall hearing the mother crying. I was just controlling my tears. Btu I salute my friend because he could take the news as positively as he could. Well, it isn’t easy though. The only thing I was thinking at the moment was, at least the God has taken his father away from all the suffering that he might undergo.
Death…everyone should be prepared for it. We never know what will happen the next moment. All we can do is to be grateful to our life and be thankful to god every night before we sleep for giving an extra day to live.
I pray to god that my friend’s dad’s soul rest in peace.

missing the moments....

Sometimes, people can change without you even thinking about it. It might shock you that the person can change to be someone who you have no idea about. At that moment, you might think," Why didn't i notice the good part of this person?"... Well, by the time we notice about it, it is already too late.. There might have been a gap between the two of you.
So people out there... Next time when you are with someone that you think is important for you, just make great moments with them. No matter you quarrel or laugh together, all that will remain with you, when you are apart... You will miss that moments....