Tuesday, August 4, 2009

movement, meaning n flexibilty....

What do we need in dance…??
Flexibility, memory power to remember the steps, rhythm, or the movement…?? Well, we need everything in the dance, but first and foremost is we need to have the passion and interest to dance.
Recently, I was involved in a semi classical dance in my campus. It is my first time I think I am getting myself involved in semi classic dance. As I do not want myself to be in only, I requested my friend to join also. We were only having a very short time to practice as all of us were busy with our course. As for me, it was quite easy because I have learned basic classical dance before. So, I choreographed for the song. It was difficult for me to put in steps as I need also to consider my dance partners whether they can do it or not. But I was very glad that even though they complained that some steps were difficult, yet they practiced till they get the steps.
Things became worse when campus was closed for a week. We didn’t practice at all. We only practiced the day before the performance. Even, I myself forgot few steps in the song. Ha..ha..ha.. But thank god I manage to recall. We also learn another bit of song for two minutes. That is where the funny part occurs. Can u imagine, tomorrow you need to perform and today you are learning the steps. The steps was fine, but just the formation part was a bit confusing at first.
Performance day… all of us were nervous. We rehearsed once and that’s all. That night, we got ready and went on stage to perform. In my mind there was only one matter. “Whatever mistakes you do, just smile and smile, the mistakes will disappear in the eyes of the audiences.” When the fifteen minutes was over,(each of us danced for approx 6-7minutes), we were like the happiest person at that moment.
Everyone loved the performance. I am just waiting to see the video clip. It feels so rewarding for all our efforts when we get compliments. I am very happy because I manage to make my friend to dance semi classic. Ha...ha...ha…

sivaranjini and I in costume
All of us can dance. it is just that we have to overcome the fear and shyness in us. Build in the interest and confidence. :)

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