Saturday, August 1, 2009

what a day... pheeww....

1st of August... hmm... 1st anniversary since my home was broken in... ha..ha..ha.. unforgettable day for my brother and mom because they were the one in home at that moment...
Ok, let’s come to the 1st August of 2009.Early morning itself i had to skip my breakfast due to the traffic block at almost all the roads heading to KL due to the memorandum matter... Haihs... Can you imagine spending almost 1hour 30minutes just to reach KL Sentral... I was totally lost with all the roads that my dad tried to access in order to reach there earlier; however, luck was not with us, as all the roads have blocks. So I was late for my activity for half an hour and worse, starve myself till 2pm.
At 3pm, once after lunch, I followed my family to Tangkak... JOHOR.... Another 1hour and 30 minutes journey... (Only one way;add another 1 ½ hours) On the way to Tangkak, somewhere in the middle of the highway from Jasin to Tangkak, we saw a 'magnificent' incident. A trailer was burning on the highway, but not to worry it was not moving. I think the driver stopped and ran away.

Wow… we were all so shocked to see that sight and also scared that it will burst. Imagine and see the lorry was at the first lane of the road, and the driver’s part was burning; will be daring enough to drive pass the trailer. What will happen if it suddenly explodes? My brother was driving at the third lane, and we can still feel the heat of the fire… My God!! First time in my life I saw such an incident.
By the time I reach home, we planned to go for sate in Kajang-actually it was my plan to go. Sudden desire to eat sate. Ended up eating 11sticks of sate. No more sate for this whole semester. One thing I am sure of this sudden break is that I am going to gain weight. He..he..he…
By the end of the day, it feels like “What a day I went through today.”

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